Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail
Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail
End of Summer Sales

Summer Coming to End! Save Big! Back to School Deals!

Summer’s End and Back-to-School

We are getting over the hump of summer. I know! It’s probably too fast for most of you. Unfortunately, living in denial about it isn’t going to do us any good. What we need to start thinking about is those Back-to-School Sales!


Today, we are bringing you something much more than just back-to-school deals though. We are presenting you an on going money-making/money saving opportunity.


Yea, sorry, it still isn’t a way to get rich quick. It is a way too get cash back quick on your regular everyday shopping. Unless, you take all your cash back, and go to the casino, put it all on the table and hit! Then maybe you can get rich quick from this. I’m not saying you can’t do this. Please don’t expect it to work though. I really don’t have time to sort through all the hate mail this could produce.



If you aren’t using this app yet, you probably should. Get cash back from all your regular shopping…

It is a quick download on your iPhone or Android and away you go. Search for products you normally buy, or peruse through the list and select deals that catch your eye.


Then just take a picture of the receipt through the app and get your cash back. There is also a way to link your loyalty cards to it. Supposedly. Honestly, we haven’t figured that part out yet.


It always has tons of deals for online shopping. So before you make your purchases online, just check the app first. We are talking the big names like Amazon actually have opportunities. There are even products that qualify no matter the brand! Be sure to look at it before your back-to-school buying because we saw some specific deals relating to back-to-school items.


The way I see this app is well hey, I was going to buy this stuff anyway, so why not? I mean, yea, I got suckered into the case of beer and bag of chips combo rebate. But hey, why not. I even got $3 bucks for buying my favorite bourbon!


So check it out. Please use our link, that way you get a bonus, and so do we.


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