Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail
Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail

What’s Up with this New Update to All Deals Site?

Exciting new update for our website.


We have been putting in a lot of time getting the website secure. It was always safe, even before the complete overhaul of the site. However, we did not have an official SSL Certificate for the site.


We don’t expect you to know what that means. We didn’t really understand it either. It is nerd talk. You will notice that instead of HTTP://, our site is HTTPS://. This is now the norm in our world of hackers and insecure world wide web.


So, we followed suit. We wanted to give piece of mind that our site will be safe for shopping and interacting.


Since we didn’t transfer any of our old information, this change was a complete revamp. Sure the site needs to be filled with the loads of useful information we had before. We just wanted to make sure that our useful information is also not out dated. So, everything here is fresh.


Enjoy, and check back frequently. Join our newsletter, even if you were a member before. You are probably wondering where all the awesome deals we were sending you before have gone! Don’t worry, you have not been missing out. In this change over, we did not send out are special secret deals. As soon as everyone get’s signed back up, we will start back up!

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