Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail
Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail

Daily Deals

March 2, 2020

Instant Pot Instant DEAL!

Everyone loves a good slow cooker. This 9-in-1 is over half off for a short time, so get it quick!


August 8, 2018

Under Armour 2-pack Tshirt $22 or TODAY ONLY 3 for $32

Under Armour is Great for Working Out or Lounging in this Heat!

We came across this deal and had to share. Who doesn’t like Under Armour? It is comfortable and worth the price. So anytime we can save money on it we are going for it.

MSRP $59.98 for the 2-pack. We see similar deals for around $35. So this is a hot deal at 2 for $22

This deal is good until 8/13/2018

Click this image and use code PZY22 at checkout

Under Armour 2-pack for $22
Under Armour 2-pack for $22



TODAY is the last day left to get 3 for $32. So if you are reading this the day we released this announcement, then save another $.33 off each shirt.

Click image and use code PZY32 at checkout

Under Armour 3 for $32
Under Armour 3 for $32


Use UAP999 until 8/14/2018 to get one tee for 9.99

Under Armour Tshirt for $9.99
Under Armour Tshirt for $9.99

August 2, 2018

CHI - Titanium Hair Straightener - Onyx Black
CHI – Titanium Hair Straightener – Onyx Black

Hair Straightener that Won’t Break Your Bank

We are no experts on hair, let alone hair equipment. What we do know is deals. Today, simply put, we found this deal for a hair straightener at Best Buy.

Best Buy

There were just a few simple factors we looked into before sharing this deal. Basically, it was brand name, regular price, price at other retailers, and price of other hair straighteners.


We happen to notice that a complaint about some other straighteners was the max temp, which this claims to exceed.


So, in our opinion, for the price, it is well worth it. No one wants to go through the hassle of irons breaking, but honestly, if this thing broke 3 times, at this price you are still saving money!


Check it out! Tell us what you think, and if you already own it or tried it, give us your input.

CHI – Titanium Hair Straightener – Onyx Black