Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail
Find the Best Deals on Web up to 70% off retail

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Who We Are

Who we are? Well, what are NOT, is some big retailer rolling in money selling mediocre products for high end prices.

We are bloggers, deal makers, deal finders, repair guys, scavengers, and most importantly consumers looking for deals. Our goal to find great deals is for us. But we are cheap, not greedy and selfish. So we want to share deals with our readers and customers.

How We Thrive

We do trying to capitalize on sharing deals. If we can get compensation, we do. But this is what helps us operate. If we make a buck to save you a buck, then we can stick around to save you more bucks. This is all about WIN-WIN.

What We Sell and Promote

Deals may be NEW, REFURBISHED, USED, SLIGHTLY DAMAGED, VINTAGE, what every it may be, we sell items for what we feel they are worth. The condition of the product is made very clear and priced accordingly AS-IS. Most of the time we are opening boxes and testing products. If we don’t test it, we make that clear too, and is most likely because it is still original factory sealed.

What’s Next?

So where do we go from here? Well, we want you to visit frequently. Join our social media pages. Like us, join us, sign up for the newsletter, read our blogs, click our deals, share your deals with us, buy products that we sell directly. Share us and our deals with your friends and family… etc etc …..

Let’s get to the deals!! Join our newsletter, check out what we are selling, and follow links that we suggest as we may be receiving compensation that helps support this site. Thank you again for visiting and check back frequently or you might miss those quick great deals.